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How to Read Your Water Meter and Check for a Leak

Water Meter Face

Why Read your water meter??

Your water meter can be a great tool for saving water and keeping your water bills low.  Reading your water meter can help you detect leaks and learn about your water usage.  

The water meter is usually located in the front of the property near the street and housed in a concrete or black box. Carefully lift off the cement lid and lay it to the side. You may need to use a large screw driver to lift the lid, please do not use your fingers. Most customers have a touch read electronic meter, the newest type of meter in our system. The meter read on your bill is derived from reading the digits to the left of the decimal point in the odometer style reading device. District meters are read in hundreds cubic feet. One unit is approximately 748 gallons of water.

The red dial is a leak detector. If everything is OFF inside and outside on the property, then the dial should NOT be moving. If the dial is moving, you have a leak on your side of the meter. The dial may move very slowly if the leak is small, so check it a couple of times 15 minutes apart. If you find water in the meter box or between the meter box and the street, contact the District immediately. This may indicate a leak on the District side.

How to Check for a Leak.pdf


Click the link above to download step-by-step instructions on how to check for a leak

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