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Whose Pipes are Those?

The Water District is responsible for the pipelines or what is called "the street side" of the water meter, including the service connection lines, water mains and fire hydrant laterals in the street and continuing through the distribution system. The District also provides and is responsible for the angle curb stop, water meter, meter box and customer valve. If you notice a water leak in the street or in the area of your water meter, please call the Water District at (805) 688-6015 to report it as soon as possible.

The property owner is responsible for maintenance and repair of all private water pipes on the "customer side" of the customer valve. This means the private water system connection to the customer valve, the outside irrigation system and the interior plumbing of the home and any other plumbing connections on the property.

District Cross-Connection Policy and Back Flow Prevention Devices

Pursuant to regulations issued by the California Department of Health Services, the District must protect the public water supply from contamination by implementing a cross connection program. Accordingly, the District has passed resolutions establishing such a program and ensuring its compliance with these State Health Department requirements. The cross-connection control program applies to agricultural meters with the Distirct, as well as alternative sources of water such as privately owned wells, new construction, remodeling, or the addition of a meter of 1-1/2” in size or larger.

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